Effortlessly Create Stunning Contact Forms with CF7 Blocks

Say goodbye to HTML editor and hello to the Block Editor for Contact Form 7


Discover the Top Benefits of Using CF7 Blocks

Improved User Experience: CF7 Blocks makes it easy & intuitive to create forms in WordPress, thanks to the block editor.


Drag & Drop Form Builder

Effortlessly create a visually stunning form in just minutes with the block editor. No coding knowledge required


Ready to Use Form Templates

Quickly and easily create forms without the need to start from scratch. Simply choose a template that fits your need.


Responsive Mobile Friendly

CF7 Blocks ensures that your forms look great on any device, including smartphones and tablets.


Free and Open Source

CF7 Blocks is open source? That means the code is freely available for anyone to view, use, and contribute to. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CF7 Blocks and how does it work? CF7 Block is a WordPress plugin that brings the block editor to the popular Contact Form 7 plugin. This allows you to create and customize contact forms using the block editor interface, which is a more intuitive and user-friendly way to build forms compared to the traditional Contact Form 7 editor.
Is CF7 Blocks compatible with other WordPress plugins?
CF7 Blocks is designed to work seamlessly with the Contact Form 7 plugin, as well as other popular WordPress plugins. It should not cause any conflicts with other plugins you have installed on your site.
How do I install CF7 Blocks?
To install CF7 Blocks, simply log in to your WordPress site, go to the Plugins page, and click "Add New." Search for "CF7 Blocks" and click "Install Now." Once the plugin is installed, click "Activate" to begin using it.
Are there any pre-designed form templates available with CF7 Blocks?
Yes, CF7 Blocks includes several pre-designed form templates that you can use as a starting point for your own forms.
Can I add additional fields or functionality to my forms with CF7 Blocks?
Currently, CF7 Blocks allows you to add any of the standard Contact Form 7 fields. You can expect additional fields & functionalities later as we gather feedback from the users.
How do I customize the appearance of my forms with CF7 Blocks?
CF7 Blocks does not currently offer the ability to customize the appearance of your forms. You may expect exceptional design options later that would allow you to visually style your forms to your need.

Maximize the potential of Contact Form 7 with CF7 Blocks

Our plugin allows you to create professional-grade forms quickly and easily, without any coding required